Math/Science/Social Studies
Friday June 12th

Complete STAR Math Assessment

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Complete remaining lessons you have not completed. 

Social Studies and Science

Complete any remaining lessons that were assigned. 

Soak up the sun with a cartoon Watermelon!!!

Activity: Space X Capsule


Need to Catch Up?

MobyMax Weekly Assignment List with Video Links: 

Triangles Song
Triangles Lesson Tutorial
Lines of Symmetry 
Decimal Place Value
Converting decimals
Compare Decimals
Convert Tenths Fractions to Decimals
Convert Hundredths Fractions to Decimals
Decimals on a Number Line
Decimals on a Number Line Part 2
Number Patterns
Multiplying Multiples
Fossil Fuels
Conserving Resources
Simple Machines
Simple Machines for Kids
Wheel and Axle
Inclined Plane
What is a wedge?
What is a screw?
Complex Machines

Social Studies

What is the Economy? 
Resources of Economics 
Types of Economies
Earning Money


How to draw a funny taco
How to draw Pizza Steve 

Extensions and Resources: 

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