Mrs. Yarem's Intervention Activities
Hello!  I hope my students and their families are staying healthy!  I miss seeing each and every one of you! I will be using this page to post activities for all of my intervention groups. New activities will be continuously added for enrichment/review. Please don't hesitate to contact me by email if you have any questions. [email protected]

Below are the links for the Title I Parent Survey. Please consider taking a moment of your time and share your thoughts with us! 

I have added some additional activities that would be fun to play at home! These are a review of the skills that were worked on throughout the school year.

3rd Grade
Monday, June 8th- Moby Max Activity

Wednesday, June 10th- I have posted some fun crossword puzzles located below in the file- 3rd Grade Assignments.  There is no need to message me with the answers. Have a great summer!
4th and 5th Grade Wednesday/Friday Group
Wednesday, June 10th- Fluency Activity
Refer to the message that I sent you all through Moby Max. The crossword puzzles are located below in the file- 4th and 5th Grade Assignments.  

Once again, my contact info is [email protected]