Hi everyone,

Hope you are well and staying safe! 
Our main communications for music class will be posted on our google classroom page.  

Directions to Create a Google Classroom Student Page:

Go to  In the upper right hand corner you will see a "Sign-in" button.  Click there and enter the information below.
*If someone in your household is already using a Google Account it may show a circle icon with an initial in it.  Click on the letter and then look for the menu option to add an account.  You will then enter the information below.

Students may only access google classroom with their email provided by the school since it is all connected to the school network. 

Log will be the student email (found in skyward): 

 Email format: c29lastname,[email protected]
(Example: John Smith would be [email protected])

The password is their lunchID# and their first and last initials
(Example: Jessica Smith with an ID of 123456 would have a password of 123456js)

Once the page is set up and you are signed in, you can click the plus sign
(I believe in the upper right corner) and there should be a "join a class" option.  
At that point, you should be able to enter our code: 6rjdxwn

*If your login password is not working, please email me.  There are quite a few students that may need a password reset due to the fact that they did not login to their accounts before they left school.  This is an easy fix that can usually be taken care of within the day.

Looking forward to seeing you connected to music class! 

We will also be posting on our webpages!

Mrs. Bunnell
Dr. Bunnell

Contact Information

Mrs. Bunnell ([email protected])
Dr. Bunnell ([email protected])