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Hope everyone is staying safe and maintaining good healthy hygiene! Wash those hands!



You are going to learn how to juggle! 

Log onto youtube and watch the video with Taylor Glenn who explains how to juggle for beginners. 

The link is:


Or search in youtube the name of the video, “Learn to JUGGLE 3 BALLS - Beginner Tutorial”


When you first start out juggling, use 3 grocery plastic bags, this will be easier to help you get the pattern first.  When you think you have the pattern and movements down, then move onto 3 small balls.  If you do not have any balls then you can use 3 pairs of rolled up clean :) socks. 


Write down in your PE log how successful you were! How long did it take and what were you able to juggle the best?


Good Luck and Have Fun!



Any questions email:  Mr. Barna - [email protected]