Mrs. Romanowski Remote Learning

Packets of review and enrichment were given to each student. Students may continue with these packets. 
All students should be very familiar with the MobyMax curriculum. I am suggesting that all students continue with the ELA portion. Reading levels were already set by the classroom teacher and the skills and strategies are aligned with standards that we have focused on as well as the state standards.

Assignment for week of March 30:
Focus- Key Ideas and Structure in LITERATURE text, specifically  key ideas and details, evidence, quoting from the text. 

Students should login to
Most students should have completed some sections already. CONTINUE where you have left off.

Assignment for week of March 30:
***Click under ELA- LITERATURE- Click on affixes and Roots
Focus: Craft and Structure-Affixes and Root
-To identify parts of a word.
-To use prefixes to interpret new words.
-To use suffixes to interpret new words.
-To identify words with similar roots.
- To infer a word's meaning using Greek and Latin roots.